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Poetry Entry
In The End
March 15, 2019

. We don't know which day, which generation, nor what hour, but we will all go to the King someday. Although people may lose hope, our Lord never gives up on us! The gates will close and the time will here, when we present ourselves in front of the throne. This piece was inspired by a recent awakening. Enjoy!
Samson and De-LIE-AH
February 15th, 2019

This piece is about Samson's struggle with deception and his perseverance through wrath while he was handed over to his enemies. Delilah is a traitor, but De-LIE-AH (the liar) represents the enemy who comes to into our lives to destroy and steal by any means possible, even if it means attacking your family. 

January 15, 2019

​'Revival' was written during my path back to Jesus. It shows my desire to repair my relationship with Christ and turn away from the past that was holding me back. This piece also skims over the burdens of my history being dissolved into a new beginning, aiming to push hope back into the lives of the lost.

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